As we get older, and for some people even earlier, we get the inevitable grey hairs here and there, some people experience it more than others due to either their way of life or their genetic inheritance.

Either way it’s unavoidable and as it happens, the hair becomes for brittle and fragile, more breakable and dull-looking. Jieva Hair Dyeing shampoo is designed to help with both the lifeless hair and the fading color.

Jieva Hair Dyeing shampoo incorporates all that hair needs to naturally revive, revitalize and renew itself, just by washing it. The special formula contains natural dyeing agents that work with the original pigmentation of the hair.

Full coverage

Unlike hair dyes that are usually applied on dry hair and have a drier consistency and texture and sometimes can miss certain spots of the hair due to uneven spreading, this shampoo works with water to spread evenly on every single strand.

Supported by nature

All of the ingredients in this shampoo are certified safe for every type of hair thanks to their natural origins and properties. Containing natural henna, it works by safely returning the natural color back in fading strands.

More benefits

Hair food

It contains keratin, which is the main protein that is found in hair, but the lack of which will lead to dull, lifeless hair and fading, greying hair. The extra keratin will feed hair while washing it with this shampoo will help restore it.

How to use

Most hair dyeing shampoos are rather complex when it comes to using them, and require to stay with them in hair for a rather long time, but not Jieva. Thanks to its fast-acting formula.

About our product

Jieva Hair Dyeing shampoo

Helps for grey hair coverage

Long-lasting visible results

Color builds gradually with every use

Contains keratin for extra support

Natural and certified products

Price: €19.99

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